Services and Supplies for Agricuture

  • Agricultural Mulches, solarization films, and row covers: Clear, Black, Co-Extruded Black/White or Black/Silver; Embossed, Smooth, Vented, Printed from: Mid South Extrusion, Shields Bag and Berry Plastic.

  • Shadecloth Coverings for Vegetable Protection

  • Screenhouses

  • High Tunnels for Climate Protection in Vegetable, Fruit, and Nursery Applications

  • Custom Plastic Covers for High Tunnel Systems

  • Ventilation Equipment for Poultry & Dairy Applications from Schaefer Fan

  • Reservoir Liners

  • Grapevine Covers
Serving the Agricultural and Horticultural Industries of the Western United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America Since 1992

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